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I’ve recently set out on a mission to provide a series of high quality fitness guides that provide, well, guidance for how those with the capacity for true high intensity work can approach endurance training on as little as one hour a week of effort. The series is aptly named “The 1-Hour Series.” The first guide, discussing an approach to ‘general fitness’ is now available.  You can check it out on my website and if you like it link view the full guide at [for free of course!]. I’ve also included a direct link to the guide at the website.  More titles will be added as I get ’em done. Next up, 1-Hour Series: Running.

The 1-Hour Series

Guide website link link
#1 General Fitness (released July 2015) web
 #2 Ultra-Running (released May 2016) web


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  2. Any ETA on the Running guide ?

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