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Monday, July 21, 2014

UltraMental: Showcasing a new way to train for endurance events on a few hours per week

No more excuses for weekend warriors to attempt any event
with this new unconventional training guide


Ottawa, ON – A ground-breaking guide to minimalist long-distance training is now available to make crazy endurance events attainable even for weekend warriors. The e-book is a collaboration between Andy Magness, a top North American endurance event junkie and Eric Collard, a ChiRunning instructor and one of Canada’s top running coaches.

“I was getting a lot of questions about my approach to training and I wanted to show it’s possible to do well in races on a few hours of training a week,” says author Andy Magness, a resident of North Dakota. “I know it won’t appeal to everyone but I hope endurance athletes and aspiring ones can look at the concepts with an open mind.”

This book is not intended to replace training that works or highlight a shortcut to fitness. Yet for many, the idea of minimalist training for long distance events is crazy. The book builds a case that consistent high intensity training can provide a level of fitness from which a mentally tough athlete can approach, succeed at, and even enjoy ultra-endurance events.

UltraMental uses current research to support and explain the primary evidence for Magness’ claim, a half-decade long N=1 experiment by the author, during which he has competed in and finished (in the top third of the field or better) more than a dozen major ultra-endurance races across several disciplines while training less than three hours a week.

“When I first heard of this I was skeptical but the more research I did, the more it made sense,” added contributor Eric Collard. “It really aligns with the new minimalist approach to training to stay away from injuries and burnouts. If you’re tired of the same old, this book is for you!”

The book came from a partnership between the two adventure seekers, forged further at the 2013 END-SURE (Extreme North Dakota Sandhills Ultra Run Experience), a point-to-point 50k off-road ultramarathon in the dead of winter.

For more information, please contact:

Eric Collard / Andy Magness
613-878-0180 / 701-330-0709


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