As his own guinea pig for pushing the limits of the human body Magness is a fun experiment to watch. The book is ripe with out-of-box ideas on fitness, nutrition, and the boundaries (or lack thereof) of the human spirit.”
-Stephen Regenold, Founder/Editor

The book’s direction is great. It contains some compelling story telling and impressive results for short term training.
-Ray Zahab, legendary ultramarathoner who ran the Sahara Desert (7500kms) in 111 days

Interesting read, Andy did a great job pulling something interesting and thought provoking together. Congratulations!

High intensity work is the staple for elite athletes around the globe. The book hones in on the mental side of it which is where the men separate from the boys, as the workouts push people into their uncomfortable place.
-Simon Donato, champion ultramarathoner and star of Esquire Network’s “Boundless”

“The world of endurance training is on the verge of a revolution, as we awaken to the idea that chronic exercise and sugar dependency is counterproductive to both health and performance. Some times less really is more, as Andy Magness conveys in his book.”
-Mark Sisson, author of the bestselling book Primal Blueprint, former 2:18 marathoner and 4th place Hawaii Ironman finisher

“If this book and training idea catches on (and you don’t), be ready to be crushed by athletes training less than 10% of the time you do.”
Jason Magness, captain of the elite adventure racing squad, Team Yogaslackers.

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