IMG_20150129_164625221Ready to take the plunge and see where an hour or two (or less) of real work can take you?  I’m here to help!  The beauty of this type of training is that it can allow an aspiring athlete to achieve very high levels of fitness and endurance (for those aiming to challenge themselves in longer events/races) but only requires a fraction of the time of most types of traditional training.  But it sure isn’t easy, particularly if you’re new to it.  That’s where I come in, providing motivation, time tested workouts, and a method (including plenty of tips and tricks) to make sure you not only make it through, but develop the skills and attitude required to keep at it long enough for it to change your life.  And yeah, it might just do that!

  • Locals: For those living in Te Anau or the surrounding area, I offer supervised high intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions based on the principles in UltraMental, either in the gym or in the field (outside).  These can be one-off sessions (if you just need a boost or want to see what my brand of HIIT is all about), or month+ long packages that can even include a four week membership to the gym.
  • Non-Locals: For those further afield (i.e. not in Southland NZ!) I can provide a customized program to suit your needs. Contact me by email giving me a quick summary of your situation and goals to start with and then we’ll schedule a call and go from there.  Custom programs will include detailed and interactive training plans, regular follow ups on the phone.
  • Race Specific Training:  Contemplating a big race–something that all the training programs you find online are telling you to train for 10 or more hours a week to prepare for? Or maybe you’ve already plunked down the cash and wondering how in the world you’re going to fit the training in?  Well first of all, awesome and good for you for getting after it.  But don’t worry if you can’t work out how manage the rest of your life with that training load. You might not have to!  I can create a custom program for you that will take up far less of your time than anything else out there, and have you fit as at the start line.

 Email me at to get started.


When is the last time you felt like this after fifteen minutes?


  1. Andy,
    I live in Winnipeg and will be talking to my friend about registering for End-Tombed for the first time. I’ve done the Swamp-Donkey 3-4 times in Manitoba. I was just reading through the END racing blog and read your post. After reading your “About Andy” tab, I laughed as I would describe myself the same way. I spent my 23rd birthday in Te Anau. My wife taught in Tokoroa for 1.5 years and we recently spent 2 months in NZ in 2013. I am Canadian but feel more at home in NZ. Family keeps me here and I don’t regret it but NZ would be my second choice as a home. I’m buying your book tonight as I just turned 40 and am looking for a way to train for these crazy adventures I find myself on. Up to now I’ve just done these events without any training besides my active lifestyle. As I get older, this is becoming more difficult. Hopefully you have some good ideas for me.
    Kyle Kushnier

    • Thanks for the note Kyle–would love to get out on some adventures if you’re ever over in NZ again. wicked cool place as you know. Keep me posted on your exploits! would love to hear about them!

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