Southern New Zealand

This might be why we train, but it is not how to train.

2006 three week expedition to the remote NW territories of Canada

Running from the peanut butter monsters. Scraping the bottom of the jar is mandatory when you pack 2500 calories a day and burn 5000...

Detroit Lakes triathlon

The result of the these 5 weeks of training was an 8th place finish.

About Andy

Andy Magness: Andy has lived in Grand Forks since 2007, when he moved back from New Zealand to pursue a master's degree in physics at UND. He is a seasoned climber and mountaineer of more than twenty years, and has been adventure racing for more than ten. He and his wife have two boys and raising them is turning out to be their biggest adventure yet.

The Book

"The world of endurance training is on the verge of a revolution, as we awaken to the idea that chronic exercise and sugar dependency is counterproductive to both health and performance. Some times less really is more, as Andy Magness conveys in his book." -Mark Sisson, author of the bestselling book Primal Blueprint, former 2:18 marathoner and 4th place Hawaii Ironman finisher

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